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Upbeat Dance Class

Our Classes

All of our classes are offered on a recreational basis.  We do not participate in Bhangra competitions at this time.  In all of our classes, you will learn the traditional Bhangra moves with a modern touch, enjoy dancing and have fun.  During each class, the instructor will teach you several Bhangra moves and then you will practice those moves with the instructor. 

Kids Bhangra Classes

These classes are fun-filled dance classes for kids. Starting with the basics of bhangra, kids will learn all different bhangra steps including but not limited to Jugni, Mahiya, Jindua, Dhammal, Luddi, Punjab, Mirza, Fumniya, chaal etc.   Instructor feedback is provided as necessary or as requested by parents/guardians.

All of our children's dance classes run as 3 to 4 month sessions with an exception to our weekly summer classses.


Adults Bhangra Classes

Want to stay Active and Learn Bhangra, then join us as we teach you the different Bhangra moves while keeping Fitness in mind. These classes start with the basics of Bhangra and move on to more advanced steps as we progress.  Don't forget that Bhangra also gives you a full-body cardio. It's one of the best ways to give your body a full workout.

Kids Registration

Spring & Summer Registration is now open.

For Age group starting at 6 plus

Kids Ages 4 plus can register into Summer weekly program. We will assess the kids under ages 6 during this time to see if they can be added to our regular season classes.

Adults Regular Classes

Registration for our regular adults bhangra is open all year long.

You may register at any time. Regular classes have a fixed class class schedule. Your spot is safe until you provide a written cancellation notice.


For example, if you register for Monday's class at 7 pm, you can only attend  the class every  Monday at 7 pm.  You will pay the monthly fee depending on your start date and on the first of every month thereafter.


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