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Thank You For Your Interest in Bhangra Fitness

We offer Bhangra dance classes for kids and adults during weekdays and weekends.  We invite you to join us to enjoy dancing and learn bhangra.   We start from the basics of Bhangra and move on to advancing each step as we progress.   Come and experience our unique Bhangra studio to learn and enjoy bhangra and meet our friendly and experienced instructors.

Live Performances
We have performers ready to perform live at your event.  Contact us to book us for your next event. 

Corporate Workshops
We are always ready to hold a fun filled bhangra fitness session for our corporate friends. Contact us to find out more information.

Choreography for your special events & Family Performances

We all have special moments/events coming up that we want to cherish. So why not prepare yourself for a special performance for that special event.  We offer private classes to prepare you for that one of a kind bhangra performance to be remembered.  Contact us for more information.


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