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Learn Bhangra, Enjoy Dancing & Stay Fit


Bhangra Classes

We are coming to Springdale this Winter at Countryside & Ross Drive. Everyone attending classes must pre-register, no drop ins are allowed.
To register,  click on "re
gister" beside the class you wish to register for.  


If you wish to register for our regular session at Bhangra Fitness studio located at 8 Automatic Rd. Unit A1 Brampton, please visit the registration page and click on kids or adults registration.


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Before submitting your registration form, please review our general policies & procedures and all policies listed on the registration form.  


Kids Bhangra class 

This is an accelerated bhangra class where children will learn the basics of bhangra. This will be a fun filled and fast paced class.  It's a great opportunity to do some physical activity, learn some Bhangra moves and stay connected to the Punjabi culture.  


Adults Bhangra Fitness

This is a 45 minute class for everyone 18+. Participants will learn bhangra while doing cardio at the same time.  You will learn bhangra moves and repeat the same on music while getting a full body workout, which is the main focus of our adults bhangra classes.


Cost: The cost of 4 weeks of classes listed below in November is $60 including all taxes.

Important Information

Please note that no one except class participants is allowed to stay in the building. 

Kids Drop off time: 6:05 pm, Pick up time: 6:55 pm

Wait at the door and we will bring your child in for class and bring them out at pick up time. If you are late, please call or message 647-546-0757 to gain access to class.

Adults class start time is 7 pm, please do not arrive before 6:55pm.

For any questions, please call 647-546-0757 or email

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