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Thank you for your interest in Bhangra Fitness. We offer several different options, whether you want to learn Bhangra or use it as a form of exercise or just sit back & enjoy it by watching a live performance.  We invite you to dive into the offerings below to discover the vibrant world of Bhangra and Giddha.

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Kids Bhangra

Live Performances

Bhangra Workshops


Adults Bhangra

Giddha Classes

At this time, all our classes focus on recreational enjoyment rather than competitive participation in Bhangra competitions. In each session, you'll be guided through traditional Bhangra steps infused with contemporary flair, ensuring a lively and enjoyable dance experience. Your instructor will introduce various Bhangra moves, providing ample opportunity for practice and refinement throughout the class.

*Disclaimer:The benefits of Bhangra are based on general experiences and may vary individually. Before beginning any new physical activity, including Bhangra, please consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or concerns. Bhangra Fitness sessions are designed for recreational and general fitness purposes and are not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Participation in Bhangra classes is at your own risk, and Bhangra Fitness assumes no liability for any injuries or health issues that may result from participation. By engaging in Bhangra Fitness Bhangra sessions, you acknowledge and accept these potential risks.

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