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Welcome to Bhangra Fitness
Learn Bhangra, Enjoy Dancing & Stay Fit
 Bhangra Classes for Kids & Adults

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Winter Registration
Opens Nov 17, 2023

Bhangra  Fitness 

For Everyone 

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About Us

At BHANGRA FITNESS we provide dance classes to individuals of all levels. Our customers experience a unique dance experience based on world-famous FOLK dance BHANGRA in which the participants can grow both mentally and physically.

Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each individual achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible.  

We offer recreational dance classes based on Bhangra.  Our classes for the young ones are designed to teach every student the basics of Bhangra all the way up to intermediate and advanced levels while focusing on building their self-confidence.  Bhangra Fitness classes for the grown-ups are designed to teach each and every individual the classic Bhangra moves with a modern touch.


You will enjoy dancing in every class, starting with the basics all the way to learning advanced level Bhangra steps.

Come join us and treat yourself to the best Bhangra & dance experience.

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